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Bicester Packaging Incorporating Plus Packaging 

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We offer a range of house moving products from Boxes, tapes and bubble wrap and removal blankets and accessories..

Our product range continues to grow due to our customers requirements

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Blue Centre Feed Rolls

A centre feed blue rolls for catering or garages in workshops and the home

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Brown Tape 48mm x 66mtr Rolls

Brown tape in different choices of acrylic or hotmelt 

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Clear Tape 48mm x 66mtr Rolls

Clear tape in different choices of acrylic or hotmelt

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Bicester Moving Boxes

Boxes for moving home

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Bicester Bubble Wrap

Various types of Bubble

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Bicester Covers for decorating

Plastic Covers for decorating

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Bicester Tape Guns & Knives

Tape gun and Safety Knives

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Bicester Loose Fill 15ltr bag

Protect your items with loose fill

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Bicester Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap in black and clear

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Bicester wardrobe box

holds 30 items on secure rail

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Bicester moving blankets

1980 x 1500mm blanket

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Bicester padlock

2" solid brass padlock 

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Bicester refuse sacks 160g

packs of 200 

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Bicester refuse clear sacks 160g

packs of 200 

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Shrink Wrap Applicator 

1 per box

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